Day Four of Kindle Ebooks at 99¢: Suspense/Mystery

On day four of our Mother’s Day Book Bash promotion, we’re highlighting the books in the Suspense/Mystery category:


shadowsFor Lily Frost, love is a double edged sword. She craves it, she needs it, but the asking price for love may be her life.
After her mother’s apparent suicide, Lily is forced to face the hard reality that she no longer has a family, and when a friend shares with her his concerns that her mother’s death may have been murder, she leaves California, determined to find the father that abandoned her when she was a child. Instead, she finds James Prescott, a man she realizes can give her what she’s looking for.
James is tormented by his mother’s unsolved murder. More than anything, he wants to see her killer lifeless, lying in a shallow grave. When Lily enters his life he realizes that he hasn’t been living. Lily shines for him, a light that finally pierces the darkness. For the first time in years, he feels hope. Their relationship blossoms and Lily discovers that she is worthy of love.
But then without warning, everything implodes. Investigators learn that Lily’s Father murdered James’ mother. To make matters worse, her old boyfriend returns and nearly kills Lily in a drunken rage. She survives, but his attack becomes the catalyst that throws the lovers into a battle for their lives.
Can James let go of his dark shadows or will his lust for revenge consume him? Can Lily give her life to a man that is determined to see her father dead? Will their love survive or will the past destroy their future?
2 Flames
Price: 99¢
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WindowOfTime_Cover_v1CIA courier Lucy James never gets used to seeing innocent people killed, but she copes with it—every day. Cursed with the ability to glimpse into the future when a death is about to happen, she has a short window of time to interfere—risking her life in order to change it. No one knows about her curse, until she saves a handsome Los Angeles firefighter trapped between her and foreign operatives hell-bent on intercepting her current assignment.
LA firefighter Johnny Cartwright’s life changes the moment he meets Lucy. His uncomplicated days flip to dangerously unpredictable after he’s drawn deeper into her secretive world of premonitions. His attraction to Lucy grows as he helps her stop a terroristic plot against the U.S., putting his life between her and certain death.
1.5 Flames
Price: 99¢
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WindowOfDeath_Cover_eBookCIA Agent Lucy James’s undercover reentry into the US doesn’t go as planned. The human coyote smuggling her and more than a dozen illegal aliens across the southern border into Arizona abandons them. Their group scatters. But Lucy is soon rescued by two US Border Patrol agents. After they hear shots fired in the distance, the hope of finding the others alive plummet. Ruthless border bandits methodically track and kill the illegals for the contraband-filled backpacks each man carries.
When Lucy has a premonition—a window into the future—she sees one of the agents killed by the same bandits. She must gain their trust in time to stop the bandits from continuing their murder spree, and find the missing backpacks containing the deadly packages before the US has its first mass terrorist attack since 9-11.
1 Flame
Price: 99¢
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KateUnmasked_CVR_MEDThe mysteries of her past consume her.
Seventeen-year-old Kate has never stopped searchingfor the secrets of her past–the secrets that began with her missing birthparents. After years of every lead drying up and every hope turning false, Katefinally lucks onto a promising lead.
Determined to find the truth once and for all, Katetravels to the gritty New Jersey shore. But what she finds is worse than sheever could have imagined. She can’t hide from who she is, and now she must facethe awful consequences of finding the very people she should have been hidingfrom.
Some secrets should stay dead and buried.
Full of mystery and suspense, teens and adults are sure to enjoy bookone in this action packed contemporary mystery in the Code of Silence Trilogy.
1 Flame
Price: 99¢
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She longs for it.
A murder.
She will never be the same.
It takes more than a school trip to Washington, D.C. to change Christy’s life. It takes murder.
A witness to the brutal slaying of a senator’s aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI, but also by two hot guys.
She discovers that if she can’t help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives.
Watched is the first book in The Watched Trilogy (Watched, Protected, Created). This young adult novel is set in cities all over Europe and the U.S. and is filled with intrigue, suspense, and lots of action and adventure. And, of course, kissing.
1 Flame
Price: Free
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therealyouPaige Reed heads to a location shoot in Detroit where an A-list actor is filming the next big blockbuster. But it’s the man in the background she can’t take her eyes off. Throwing caution to the wind, Paige is captivated by Kellen Richards and the slow burning romance which emerges. But when Kellen asks her to move to L.A several months later, she quits her job, only to find the consequences could be deadly.
With his life built around Hollywood, Kellen Richards expects the masks people wear and is drawn to what-you-see-is-what-you-get Paige Reed. But wealth and fame come with a heavy price tag. Kellen finds he has to keep Paige safe, a task that won’t be easy.
With everything stacked against them, can Paige and Kellen come out the other side together, or will the danger lurking within two separate worlds drive them apart?
1 Flame
Price: 99¢
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