Day Six of Kindle Ebooks at 99¢: Young Adult Fantasy

On the sixth and last day of our 2016 Mother’s Day Book Bash, we have the Young Adult Fantasy:

Young Adult Fantasy

coverluckJWeistMegan wanted nothing more than to have a normal life. But all that changed when a leprechaun showed up on her doorstep, offering her luck.
Now Megan’s life is in turmoil as she has to fight dragons, leprechauns, and other creatures from her nightmares.
Along the way, she meets friends who would follow her to ends of the earth. The question is, will her luck be enough to save her friends and family from the chaos those creatures have unleashed into the world?
1 Flame
Price: 99¢
Buy Link: Amazon


A Piper's Song CoverWhen you control music, every note is a weapon.
Most girls don’t think twice about singing along with their favorite song on the radio. Not me. I hum once and it zombifies the hottest guy in school.
The Pied Piper was real and I am his descendant. Music is my curse. If I don’t master the song inside myself, it will overpower me, and if that happens…
Let’s put it this way: the last piper to lose control led a town-full of children to a river and started the plague.
Welcome to my life.
2 Flames
Price: 99¢
Buy Link: Amazon

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